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ellipse harmonic Music sacred geometry

Harmonic Music in
Sacred Geometry

What is it
and what does it do?

The Ellipse® is a resonant chamber that delivers a bio energy therapy that restores the body’s balance and promotes healing. It utilizes the energy found within the body to allow cells to reset, re-balance and encourage natural healing. 


The egg-shaped resonant chamber was created to focus the energy of sound, light and color as a restorative bio healing therapy. This environment provides a consistent, repeatable experience promoting a sense of internal balance and well-being.


The Ellipse is built in the shape of a dodecahedron and incorporates Tesla mathematics, sacred geometry, and the Golden Mean Ratio within its construction. It combines the science of bio resonance with the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry.

Reclining in a zero-gravity position within the chamber, a person is enveloped in highly-resonant music and coloured light. Both light and sound can be customized based upon the type of healing that the client desires to achieve. The music is specially selected to provide optimal resonance. Acoustic sounds of piano, drums, flute, and other instruments combine to create inner balance. Using a technology like the Ellipse allows the client to receive a session that is consistent with each visit and which is not dependent upon the emotional or physical strength of the provider or the client.


Some clients find relief after just a few sessions. Many usually find 3-10 sessions, 5-7 days apart to be very helpful, while others find its healing properties valuable enough to opt for continued regular visits.

ellipse Harmonic Egg in room

This integrative energy therapy utilizes light, color, sound, frequency, and vibration to activate the body’s natural ability to balance and restore itself.

Beach Yoga Relaxing

Profound Relaxation

Relaxation therapies, such as meditation and yoga, have been proven to improve one's overall health and well-being. These practices create a natural calmness and peace within the mind, which enhances one's ability to cope with the stress and anxiety of our everyday lives.  For those who have struggled to meditate, you will find that the Ellipse will "meditate you".

In the non-contact 50-minute Ellipse® session, you will have a profoundly relaxing and peaceful experience - while being completely enveloped in tranquil sound vibrations and soothing-colored lights. You will experience the shift from the "fight or flight" sympathetic nervous system response to the calm and peace of your nervous system in its desired parasympathetic state.  Sessions in the egg can result in greater mental focus and clarity. They can also alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and improve sleep.  

Distant Sessions

For clients that may not have the ability to travel to the studio due to mobility issues or who live far away, distance sessions are a great solution. With our current comprehension of therapies and their effect on the body, it can be difficult to comprehend how one might benefit from a session without being physically present. However, when working with our energy body or biofield, it is not necessary to be in the same physical location to affect it. We treat the session exactly the same except a picture and birthdate is placed in the Ellipse. The client would then relax in their remote location and may want to experience the Ellipse music during the session.

Please inquire with the Sacred Harmonics Team for more information about Distance Sessions! You can also book your Session here.

Listening to Music in bed distance healing
Ellipse on flower of life blue gold

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Reduce stress & anxiety

The Ellipse is an energy therapy that helps bring about a meditative state and a sense of relaxation and peacefulness. Clients tell us that they have experienced relief from the hypervigilance of PTSD, and from career, relationship, and health-related stress and anxiety. Those who have experienced physical trauma often carry stress in their bodies as muscle memory. Because the Ellipse® is a no-touch modality, it seems to provide more relief than other modalities for these clients.

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